Summerhays Music has a wide variety of Tubas to choose from.


The following are just a few of the Tubas we regularly keep in stock.

Student Tuba

Easman EBB231

Key of BBb, 3/4 size, .661” bore, rose brass leadpipe, 14 3/8” yellow brass bell, 3 pistons - top action, Epoxy lacquer finish, Mouthpiece and case w/ wheels.

Eastman EBB431

Key of BBb, 4/4 size, .728” bore, rose brass leadpipe, 17 1/2” yellow brass upright bell, 4 pistons - top action, Epoxy lacquer finish, Mouthpiece and case w/ wheels.

Step Up / Professional Grade Tuba

The EBB534 model BBb tuba from the Eastman Music Company is a beautifully crafted 4/4 “American Style” tuba with 4 front action stainless steel piston valves. It has a bore of .687” with a bell of 20”, yellow brass construction and a Nickel-Silver leadpipe. It comes standard with an ABS hard case with wheels.


The front action piston valves aid with players of various sizes to find a comfortable playing position. It also allows easy access to the first valve slide for tuning adjustment during a performance. The valve section is easily removed from the bell to make repairs faster and less expensive.

Eastman EBB534

The YBB-201 is an excellent alternative when budget is a strong consideration. It offers a large "pro-sized" bell and features a rich strong sound. It is easy to play and has accurate intonation.

Yamaha YBB-201

Yamaha YBB-641

The 641 professional BBb tuba features a rotary valve configuration for a traditional Teutonic sound with the kind of precise intonation and easy playability only made possible by modern engineering expertise. It is characterized by a warm dark sound with an abundance of tonal colors.


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