Summerhays Music has a wide variety of Beginner and Performance oboes to choose from.

The following are just a few of the Oboes we regularly have in stock at unbeatable prices:

Student Oboe

Yamaha YOB-241

This is a more economical ABS resin body oboe which features a simplified Conservatoire system, making it is easier to play for beginners. The surprisingly precise intonation permits students to concentrate more on developing their own musical nuances. But there is nothing 'student-like' about the rich and colorful sound. The 241 features a characteristically warm oboe tone which sounds very close to that of a professional instrument, so even a complete beginner will quickly develop a beautiful tone.

Step Up / Professional Grade Oboe

Yamaha YOB-441

The YOB-441 is made of the finest quality aged and seasoned grenadilla wood for a rich professional sound. This is the same material as used on our Custom models and has been carefully crafted in a similar manner. The size and placement of the toneholes is also the same, giving even and accurate intonation and making the 441 the most 'Professional' sounding intermediate model you will ever find.

Accent OB791G

• A green product comprised of grenadilla wood material and epoxy. All     of the sound properties of a fine grenadilla wood, but without any of its     susceptibility to cracking in extreme weather conditions.

• Full conservatory fingering system – all the options are included in this   oboe.

• Silver-plated keywork for the discerning performer; the right feel to the   keys and the right look.

• Left hand F and F resonance keys.


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