French Horn

Summerhays music has a wide selection of both beginner and performance French Horns to choose from.


The following are just a few of the French Horns we regularly keep in stock.

Student French Horn

Yamaha YHR-314II

The 314II is a single horn, making it lightweight and extremely responsive. And it's pitched in F for a traditional warm French horn sound.

Step Up / Professional Grade French Horn

Conn 8D

The Conn 8D offers the flexibility and projection a horn player needs to succeed at all levels. Its traditional large throat bell and lighter weight all nickel construction than most horns makes this a perfect match for any player.

Holton H179

Holton horns offer an alternative in design that creates a great experience for the young or advanced players. This Farkas model offers independent tuning for convenience allowing the player to tune the Bb side of the horn seperately from the F side.


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