Summerhays Music Center stocks over 200 student level flutes and over 50 intermediate and professional flutes. We carry every major brand, such as Yamaha, Lyric, Sonare by Powell, Amadeus by Haynes and many others so we will have the right flute for you.


We suggest you come in the store and play several flutes so that you know the one you pick is the perfect one for you! 

One of the most critical elements in purchasing a new flute, and one that is often overlooked, is matching a flute and headjoint to the embouchure and playing style of the musician. At Summerhays Music Center, we believe the instrument can and should be customized to the player. In order to be sure you get the best flute for you, we employ band instrument specialists who will assist and coach you in choosing your flute, and provide feedback on the differences and nuances of each. We can also give some guidance in how to proceed in developing your flute playing skills and musicianship

Below are a few examples of flutes we carry at unbeatable prices!

Student Flute

Pearl PF500

The PF500 starts with our standard 505 model and offers it in one style.  It is all silver plated, with offset G (no split E), C foot joint, and our standard quantz headjoint cut.  Like all Pearl flutes, our exclusive pinless mechanism is at the heart of the mechanics.  To save on cost for students, the standard accessories have been changed.  The PF500 comes with just the basics: a plastic hardshell case and a wood cleaning rod.

Armstrong 104

The Armstrong headjoint offers players crisp response and ease of playing throughout all registers. The offset G key follows the natural contour of student's hands and makes playing more comfortable. Armstrong's signature CNC key cups ensure that pads will seat perfectly flat which prevents air leaks. Built in Elkhart, Indiana, the Armstrong 104 flute is designed to last and provide a superb playing experience for students.

Trevor James 10x

A perfect first flute for the new flute player or those returning to playing after a few years away.  The TJ10x flute is a very free blowing instrument which helps the new flute player to learn at a much quicker pace.  High quality manufacture and silver-plating with final hand set-up in our UK technical workshops. 

Step Up / Professional Grade Flute

Mio M5

Sterling-silver Royal Crown headjoint; Silver-plated Nickel-silver body, foot and keys; Open hole; B Foot with Gizmo; Y Arms.

Mio M8

Sterling-silver Royal Crown headjoint, body, & foot; Silver-plated Nickel-silver keys; Open hole; B Foot with Gizmo; Pointed Arms.

Miyazawa 202

Handmade flute with 958 silver headjoint, silver plated nickel silver body, footjoint and key mechanism. Open holes, French style pointed tonearms, drawn toneholes, pinless partial Brögger System and Straubinger Pads (North American models only).

Trevor James Virtuoso

The 925 silver tube Virtuoso flute is designed for the serious flute player who requires a colourful, deep timbre with a wide tonal range.  Also available with a Grenadilla wooden lip and riser option on the 925 silver headjoint tube. A stunning flute with 925 silver headjoint, body and footjoint tube with silver-plated French style pointed key arm mechanism. 


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