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Superior set-up of string instruments saves you time and money!


Every Summerhays instrument is dried out for 30-90 days to minimize wood movement

• Wood will expand or retract depending on the climate and elevation. This movement can affect the entire set-up which prevents good tone and playability in your instrument.

• When buying a string instrument online be cautious about which climate you are purchasing it from. If it's not a local climate you'll most likely need a new set-up when your instrument arrives which can cost you hundreds of dollars.


Summerhays guarantees a 1 year warranty in case there is additional moving of the wood


Every part is hand adjusted & crafted to increase tone & ease of playbility

Parts we set-up on your string instrument

• Peg

• Nut

• Finger board

• Bridge

• Tailpiece

• Strings

• End pin/End bottom

• Soundpost


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