Choosing a Trumpet

Not all trumpets are created equal. A quality trumpet should be constructed of high-quality brass, thick enough to hold up against daily use. The valves should fit perfectly, and move smoothly. The soldering (welding) that holds the trumpet together should be clean and strong. The mouthpiece should be perfectly shaped to allow the most beautiful sound to be produced. Quality trumpets will naturally play in tune, and produce a beautiful sound. Many of the best trumpets in the world are made right here in the United States. Europe also produces very high quality instruments, especially Germany.


What to avoid
Sadly, some overseas manufacturers, more interested in corporate profits than the success of the beginning student, are producing extremely low quality, poor sounding, cheap instruments trying to draw parents away from the high quality instruments that cost more. Summerhays Music Center refuses to carry instruments of such poor quality. To the untrained eye, it can be difficult to see the difference between one of these low quality trumpets, and high quality instruments. Watch out for uneven finish work, poor soldering or welds, sticky valves or valves that do not move smoothly. These instruments do not play in tune, produce a beautiful sound, or stand the test of time.


We suggest... 

For the beginning trumpet player, we suggest renting a high quality, student line instrument. At Summerhays Music Center we carry only the best in student line instruments, with brands including Yamaha, Bach, Accent, and Jupiter. After a few years, the student will be ready to upgrade to a professional quality (also known as "step-up") trumpet. When that time comes, Summerhays Music Center will help find the best instrument for you. And at Summerhays Music you build up a trade credit while renting your student line instrument, which can be applied to the purchase of your new professional trumpet!


Your best resource
Your best resource is a knowledgeable musician who knows the instrument inside and out. Stop by Summerhays Music Center where we’ll help you determine the best instrument for you! Then choose from our large selection of high-quality student- through professional- level instruments. Stop in and see us today!


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