Choosing a Flute

All flutes are not created equal, but choosing a quality flute doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Here are some things to consider:


          1. Student-level flutes are often a little more durable, relatively speaking, than their better counterparts, due in part to the materials from                    which they’re made but,

          2. Those same instruments don’t play as well because there is less silver in their construction. 

                    • Cheap instruments often contain 50% silver throughout the entire instrument.

                      (most durable, poorest sound)

                    • Better instruments contain 65% silver throughout the entire instrument. 

                      (better durability, good sound)

                    • Intermediate instruments will have a solid silver headjoint and 65% silver throughout the body. 

                      (good durability, better sound)

                    • Pro instruments are solid silver throughout the entire instrument. 

                      (care required, best sound)

          3. Choose a “closed-hole” flute for the beginner, or choose an intermediate “open-holed” flute and use plugs until the player improves.


A word of caution: inexpensive flutes made overseas are finding their way into the market through big box and other discount centers. While the lower price is tempting, you should consider that poorly constructed instruments play poorly, hindering the student’s ability to learn. They are also difficult if not impossible to regulate and adjust. Many repair shops won’t even touch them, or charge a premium to do so. Most teachers will agree that a poor instrument defeats the student even before he/she has begun.


Summerhays Music Center is dedicated to the musician from the aspiring beginner to the consummate professional, and carries only quality instruments which will improve the player’s experience. Stop by and speak to our knowledgeable staff, each of them musicians in their own right. We’ll help you determine which flute is for you, and you’ll be able to choose from such respected brands as Yamaha, Pearl, Miyazawa, and Sonare. Summerhays Music also services what we sell and is home to one of the largest in-house repair centers in Utah.


So stop by and visit us. We’ll help you on your way toward a great musical and learning experience!


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