Care of Your Trombone

Thoroughly clean and re-lubricate the slide once a week (or more if necessary). Both the inner and outer slides should be flushed out with lukewarm water and liquid dishwashing soap, and then swabbed out (scrubbed) with the flexible “snake” brush. Rinse them out with clean water and wipe them dry with a clean lint-free cloth. (Always be careful when handling the inner and outer slides not to bend, bow, or dent them in any way. It is costly and time-consuming to repair bent, broken, bowed, or dented slides.)


Re-lubricate the slide before reassembling it. Because of the great variety of finishes used on trombone slides and the variation in the amount of tolerance used in fitting slides, it is always best to follow the manufacturer’s instructions regarding lubrication. If slide cream and water is recom¬mended, have a Summerhays repair technician show you how to apply it. If instructions are not available, it is gener¬ally accepted as safe practice to use a few drops of trombone slide oil on the stocking of each inner slide. Work the slide in and out to thoroughly distribute the oil over the entire surface of both inner and outer slides.


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