Care of Your Saxophone

1. Always be very careful when assembling your instrument to hold it in such a way that keys are not bent. Be especially careful of keys that “bridge” across joints.


2. Always swab the moisture out of the bore of the instrument with a swab each time you finish playing. This will extend the life of the pads and prevent unpleasant odors. Feathers will not wick moisture and are not recommended.


3. Never force the mouthpiece on the neck. If it seems to go together too tightly, apply a little cork grease on the cork with the tip of your finger then place the mouthpiece on the neck.


4. Cork grease should not be used on the neck tenon. If it becomes difficult to place the neck in the body, take the instrument to a certified Summerhays repair technician to have it refit.


5. Insert end plug in body socket before placing saxophone in its case


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