Care of Your Clarinet

Tips and Warnings:

          1. Use a cleaning swab after each time you play. It is a cloth with a string & metal weight attached. This is drawn through the instrument to                   keep it dry.

          2. Use the best reeds for performances.

          3. Buy a reed holder to fit into the clarinet case. This will help the reed last longer.

          4. Exercise care when assembling the instrument parts.

          5. Utilize a special cork grease to aid the assembly of the instrument.

          6. Avoid bending the “bridge” key when assembling the clarinet.

          7. The clarinet can be easily damaged or knocked over when set down vertically on the flared bell. To avoid this, use a clarinet stand.


Recommended brands for advanced players: Yamaha, Buffet, Accent, Selmer.


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