Care of Your Cello

        • Hold the instrument by the neck

        • Wipe the rosin dust and perspiration from the instrument with a soft cloth after each use.

        • Loosen the now about five turns to relieve tension when not in use. DO NOT TOUCH THE                   BOW HAIR

        • Apply rosin to hair with long, slow strokes. Keep your instrument and bow in the case when               not in use.

        • Do not put anything else in the case, like your rock stop, music, pencils, etc.

        • Check the bridge to see if it is upright or tilted slightly towards the tailpieces.

        • Do not tighten the fine tuners all the way down. The arm under the tail piece will scratch the             instrument.

        • Inspect your instrument and case every day. If you have any questions or problems, ask your             teacher or bring your instrument to a Summerhays Music technician.



Recommended brands: Eastman Strings, West Coast Strings, LA Strings, Samuel Shen Strings, Anton Richter, Mahler, Heinrich Gill, and Panetto Strings.


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